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Translating Clinical Research into Quality of Life

Human Factors

New and higher regulatory standards have led to human factors and patient reported outcome gaps in product submission

  • Provide high quality tailored human factors assessment and research services in evidence submissions, patient preference outcomes and patient engagement
  • Ensure assessments span age, gender, ethnicity, socio-economic status and health literacy using validated and reliable measures
  • Ensure outcomes provide clarity of functionality, patient interaction with devices for optimal usage and better psychosocial functioning and quality of life

Clinical Research

Leading clinical trials and other research to assess quality of life and patient reported outcomes of therapies, devices and novel interventions

  • We employ rigorous and robust qualitative and quantitative methodologies
  • We provide high quality tailored research services and health psychology expertise
  • We lead psychosocial investigation in clinical trials to complement biomedical and safety outcomes


Product differentiation and promotional market claims require a robust evidence-based to support them

  • Conduct review of current process and provide evidence-based, theory driven assessment via rigorous and robust research, publishable in high-quality peer-reviewed medical journals providing unrivalled credibility
  • Recognise that traditional consumer market research is not acceptable to regulatory approvals bodies in the submission process, and provide outputs that can meet both needs

More of what we offer


Evidence Synthesis

-Systematic literature reviewing -Evidence synthesis -Technology appraisal reports


Improve patient engagement

Identification of facilitators and barriers to optimal uptake and use of therapies, devices and interventions


Expert Advice

Participation in research advisory boards - industry advisory boards - clinical research funding boards - media expert advice


Patient Reported Outcomes

Development of patient reported outcomes and patient preference measures -Expert advice on effective use of validated and reliable measures.


Training of healthcare professionals


Assess well being

Global and disease-specific burden and well-being assessment

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